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“Under Carlene’s coaching guidance I have begun my transformation into a new, healthier ME. Carlene has educated me about the right nutrition plan and a structured workout regiment that applies to ME. More importantly, Carlene has awakened me and helped me tap into the positive mindset that allows me to start to achieve MY goals.”

Brian Coen

Boston, Massachusetts

“Working with Carlene and has turned my life around. I had no idea when I started that I would be where I am today. She has taught me how to have food freedom, how to honor my hunger and fullness and so much more. I wake up energized and ready for whatever comes my way. I don’t have to feed my feelings anymore. I have lost 12 pounds, I feel stronger and empowered. Her guidance, wisdom and coaching has allowed me to feel better than I ever have about my body, my health and my life. I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to work with Carlene.”

Karen Garret

Minneapolis, Minnesota

“In times of stress and anxiety, I found myself falling into unhealthy behaviors and choices that affected my daily energy levels, mood and outlook. Often, I’d start a new approach only to find myself soon reverting back to old habits that left me really frustrated, overwhelmed and just tired. My goal was to be able to change the patterns of my behavior that were just not working for me to feel healthier, increase my energy levels and finally make these changes stick. Working with Carlene has significantly changed my life. She always knows the words and messages I need to motivate me and reminds me of my worth. Her compassion and genuine care is such part of my success. We looked at the patterns that were not working for me, created small transformational steps, met in weekly coaching sessions and worked together to create and implement the steps for this change. Carlene’s coaching brings a diverse skill set, knowledge and empathy that really helped me implement the changes we created that I will carry with me for life. She provided new ways of coping in a step by step plan that was doable, not overwhelming and really helped me transform my lifestyle. Her coaching skills are incredible, caring and creative, and I am so happy with the results. I’m now loving my day to day life.”

Megan Owens

Paris, France

“After giving birth to my son and struggling to lose the pregnancy weight I had gained, I began experiencing post-partum depression. This combined with being in a very unhealthy relationship resulted in an overall unhealthy lifestyle. I simply didn’t have the energy, interest or time to care about what I was eating. I was not taking care of myself physically and really felt overwhelmed, immobilized and hopeless. I felt alone and like I lost myself and just stuck. When I first met with Carlene, I wanted to change my environment, to heal, to feel good in my body again, lose weight, and look in the mirror with the utmost satisfaction and love. I knew I wanted to be healthier, but in this new stage of life, I really didn’t know what that looked like, where or even how to begin. From our first session, Carlene was light and gave me encouragement, hope and changed my life instantly. For me, the pivotal shift began with gaining knowledge. In the education of learning, making the connections and applying changes to my daily life and my habits, I began to lean into my mental strength. Gaining this insight along with the transformational coaching steps and tools helped me begin transforming my thoughts and beliefs and then my behaviors. It started from the inside out. Carlene’s coaching opened my eyes with this education and care, but equally with her understanding as she could relate to my journey and my needs as a mother, a business owner and my overall lifestyle. This nonjudgmental transparency was huge for me. I felt supported, encouraged, more equipped and inspired again for my future. Her encouraging spirit helped me really see myself again and this was life changing. Throughout the coaching, I learned to take better care of myself in ways that were right for my body, my needs and my lifestyle. I began to connect my mind, body and spirit to my wellbeing and felt empowered to be all I am created to be and to love myself again. Today, I have lost 40 pounds! My goal is to lose 20 more, to build muscle and continue to embrace living a healthy lifestyle in my thoughts, habits and my beliefs. I now know that living my best life of health and true wellness is not some far off destination. It’s not getting to a size or number on a scale. My healthy is right now. Carlene’s guidance, knowledge, compassion and encouragement has truly helped me spark the change inside and out and transform my life.”

Stefani Carol

Cincinatti, Ohio

“My weight has always been a sore subject for me as long as I can remember. I needed a person to help me accept myself to begin my health journey. Carlene truly has been that person for me. She has been encouraging and open during my whole lifestyle change. She understands not every day is a good day, but provided the approach and tools I needed to make impactful health and habit changes, stay on tract and hold myself accountable to reach my goals! Not only is my physical health improving every day, but my mental health is as well. I’ve never felt more confident and beautiful since working with Carlene!”


Laura Sullivan

Portland, Maine

“As a physician I have the scientific knowledge of what constitutes “healthy nutrition” and “healthy lifestyle”. I am also aware of the future complications of unhealthy habits, such as lack of exercise and poor sleep. However, habit change goes beyond knowledge. It requires a deeper understanding of why we choose those unhealthy habits and how to change them. Carlene has been wonderful in my weight loss journey. She helped me uncover the real reasons behind my eating habits, my big motivating factor for making habit changes and held me accountable in the whole process. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a compassionate and professional health coach!”

Jenny Go, MD

Washington, DC

“Carlene is one of the most encouraging women I have ever known. She has breathed life into me when I have needed it the most. A light in a room, a smile when you need it, her faith is strong and her heart is huge. I feel blessed to know her, better for having her in my life, and grateful to call her a friend. She has the ability to change your life too!”

Michelle Miller

Cincinnati, Ohio

“I had a great experience working with Carlene! She’s extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and how a specific combination of foods will optimize your health, energy & well being. Most importantly Carlene set me up for success to fully commit. She gave me lots of meal suggestions and also tips on how to handle friends/family/restaurant menus that may not align with my goals. Thanks Carlene!”

Erica Donovan

Boston, Massachusetts

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