Founded by Carlene Marie & Meryl Blau


How It Started

Have you ever met someone out of pure chance, and found a lifelong friend? Our story starts when our paths crossed under the most unlikely of circumstances. And yet in an instant, we knew we shared a common purpose and quickly became friends.

Both, students of Mindpower, under the mentorship of the #1 resilience coaches in the world, Steph and Shay, and certified Master Mindpower Coaches, we found ourselves diving deeper into a world of endless possibilities of where our dreams and gifts could take us. Now equipped with the techniques and tools to navigate life’s most challenging obstacles, it was only natural that we join forces to serve and impact on a greater scale.

And just like that, Mindset Slingshot was born.

How It’s Going

You see, for the badasses out there in the world… we all know there’s no time to dwell in the past. That’s where we come in. It’s our job as your coaches and guides to teach you how to release your running parachutes and literally slingshot your way into achieving life’s biggest, scariest, and most bodascious goals, propelling you into the dreamworld scenario of your future.

With Mindpower as our compass, no doubt your ride can be a journey toward a future brimming with possibility, triumph, and personal growth to be more, do more and have more than you ever imagined!

Buckle up. Let’s ride and fly.


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