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Mindpower Coaching is one-on-one coaching designed for massive breakthroughs in rapid time. Carlene trains under the mentorship and coaching of Stéphane and Shaylee Schafeitel (AKA Stéph and Shay), Wall Street Journal and NY Times bestselling authors of Master Your Mindpower. Utilizing the Mindpower methodology, Carlene helps her clients eliminate self-doubt and gain total confidence to achieve their goals. Clients can expect to release all mental and emotional barriers, build their mental toughness, learn to form healthy, lasting habits, 10x their productivity and so much more. 

Carlene has studied and trained directly with Stéph and Shay to become an elite level Mindpower Coach and is committed to creating personalized coaching experiences to help her clients exceed their own level of expectations in their life while mastering their mental and emotional resilience like never before. 

Mindpower Coaching Programs

3-Month Breakthrough

Private Mindpower Coaching Breakthrough
Life Planning

3 Total Months of Coaching

6-Month Breakthrough + Custom Coaching

Private Mindpower Coaching Breakthrough
Life Planning
Optional Nutrition Programming
Customized Programming Based on Desired Outcome

6 Total Months of Coaching

12-Month Breakthrough + Custom Coaching

Private Mindpower Coaching Breakthrough
Life Planning
Customized Nutrition Coaching
VIP Exclusive Access
Customized Program Based on Desired Outcome
Mindpower VIP Access

12 Total Months of Coaching

Speaking Engagements

Coming in 2024!

Mindset Slingshot Presents New Group Coaching Program!


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