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I see you and have been there. At that pivotal crossroads of maybe stress, overwhelm, feeling stuck and unfulfilled. Not flowing or feeling aligned knowing that there had to be more but unsure of the next best step. Mindpower empowered me to dive into my limiting beliefs, release them once and for all and elevate my life in every way. This is 100% possible for you too! So if you’re here, well, just simply trust you are meant to be exactly where you are.

Read on to learn more about how my Mindpower Coaching Program can help you:

Maximize your Mental Toughness & Success

Develop Outstanding Leadership, Performance and Success

Achieve your Goals Faster and with significantly less energy

Discover Your Unique 3 P’s (Principles, Passion & Purpose) so decisions ALIGN with YOU and are easier than ever

Release Running Parachutes ~ Your Limiting Beliefs to truly Soar

Create a Customized Life Plan

Master your Mindpower and so much more!


As a Master Mindpower Coach, Carlene will take you from where you are currently performing to a level of high performance yet experienced. Once in this alignment, ease and flow, you’ll experience mental clarity, strength and resilience like never before.


Mindpower & Wellbeing Writer for Real Producers Naples, the publication for the Top 500 Realtors. Carlene’s monthly publications educate and inspire her readership with tools for optimal mindset, wellbeing and success in all areas of life.


Propelling Life Forward

A story of Two Powerful Forces uniting together as One to make a positive impact on the world!

About Carlene

My journey has been quite a ride to say the least. Rollercoaster anyone? From fulfilling, even exhilarating, the ride has also delivered some plummeting hair-pin turns of unexpected and fear inducing challenges. Facing the unknown of some turbulent losses induced self-doubt, fear, sadness and limiting beliefs.

My childhood home was a blend of Boston’s resilient spirit and Irish Catholic traditions. Love and volatility coexisted shaping me into a shy “too sensitive” kid. My father, my pillar of strength, instilled in me the ethos of our strong heritage and the importance of facing life’s challenges head-on with “dignity and pride.”

At 17, my Dad became suddenly immobilized with a rare illness. Chaos erupted as our family hero lay confined to a hospital bed in our living room. Amid turmoil, a lifeline appeared, a small book by his bedside – Dr. Bernie Siegel’s “Love, Medicine, and Miracles.” Drawn to it, I became enthralled by the true stories of his patient’s stories of healing through their mindset shifts. Now the encourager and coach, I shared aloud with my Dad the power of our thoughts, honing mental toughness, visualizations and the principles of self-healing and self-love on the body. Little did I know that our shared moments of that powerful book would guide my life to this day.

Within weeks, my Dad passed and my life’s trajectory was altered forever. After college, I excelled to make him proud; married at 24, moved to the Midwest with my husband where I freelanced as an editor until giving birth to our son and very soon after our daughter, – my delights to this day.

On the outside I had it all, yet I struggled with the lingering sadness of a miscarriage, missing my Boston tribe, relinquishing my “That Girl” career fantasy, body image issues of having two babies back to back, a cancer diagnosis at 34 and feeling emotionally isolated. The ride at times easily crested and flowed with beauty and then would plummet and mirror the volatility of my childhood home. And then, just like the forceful jerk of a rollercoaster’s screeching halt, just as the nest I had feathered with all my heart and soul was empty, my 25 year marriage ended. Once again, “the pack” as I knew it, was no more and I dangled down into a precipice. 

I felt tired, immobilized and wondered where I was going. During this time, like the book I read to my father, I dug into the mental strength and resilience I had honed and developed over the years. It was a practice as I mourned my unborn child and then honed even more healing pain-free from cancer surgeries. The determination was within me but now solo, at this vast new crossroads, I knew I needed expert guidance to move forward. 

Finding and working with my Life Coach imparted the most useful and effective tools of future forward steps and mindset practices to bolster my thoughts, gain clarity and take action. Honing new skills, I looked future forward to literally design a new life step by step with purpose, passion and joy. Like the slow tick of a rollercoaster ascent, I too began the climb day by day. 

Inspired by my life coach and the incredible impact working with her had on my life, I embarked on becoming a certified health, wellness and life coach, and simultaneously a realtor and an Airbnb owner. With that experience, came increased confidence and clarity. I peacefully sold the family nest in Ohio and then embarked upon a new path, career, home, and state relocating to Naples, Florida where I opened a fitness studio that compliments my coaching business well. 

Over the years as a Coach, I began to yearn for more tools that I could offer to help my clients faster, easier, expending less energy for lasting change while utilizing more of the power of the mind. And then, no doubt, as divine timing would have it, I met colleague Meryl Blau, fellow Master Mindpower Coach, now my Mindset Slingshot Cofounder, and dear friend. Inspired by her genuine passion and Mindpower experiences, I began my journey with Mindpower Breakthrough and then my own Mindpower Coaching Certification to deepen my knowledge and commitment to empower others.

United by a shared mission to impact lives positively, I pursued my Master Mindpower Certification alongside visionary mentors Stéph and Shay and am personally equipped like never before with the teachings, techniques and tools to navigate life’s rollercoaster leaning into the ride with grace and resilience. 

With The Mindpower Coaching Program as our compass, no doubt your ride can be a journey toward a future brimming with possibility, triumph, and personal growth to be more, do more and have more than you ever imagined! If I can do it, so can you.

Buckle up. It’s my honor to take this ride with you. Let’s ride and fly.

In gratitude and in service to your very best,


Carlene Can Help

Maybe you’re tired of feeling stuck and stressed; operating on overwhelm barely getting through your to-do list and knowing deep within, there must be a better way to work and/or live the life you desire. Maybe it’s to create more freedom, 10x your income, purchase that home you are dreaming of, being with a loving and supportive partner, sharing amazing experiences with your loved ones or finally achieving your optimal health. Or maybe right now you’re in the midst of the stresses of loss, life transitions and/or great challenges and know you need to take better care of yourself and that something has to change. I understand. I’ve been there too. I can help.

Carlene’s Mindset

I teach my clients how to unwind self-defeating behaviors and patterns to stabilize healthy habits that create lasting transformation.

Think you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? I’m here to share with 100% certainly that with my proven Mindpower Coaching program (oh yeah, and the science proven by studies in Neuroplasticity and Neurogenesis) that this old adage is completely outdated. It IS possible for your brain to grow! You are not stuck on repeat like maybe you’ve been made to believe. It IS possible to grow, change, and soar! With simple daily practices and employing new strategies, Mindpower will massively help you to change your life to be more, do more and have more than you ever dreamed!

Are You Ready?

Ready? Buckle up. Let’s Ride and Fly!

Ready to show up for yourself in a way you never have before? Together will create your unique Mindpower Breakthrough roadmap so you can fully thrive and engage in life in a new and optimal way!

It’s my honor, joy, and privilege to help you on your journey and invite you to reach out to me today.


In gratitude and in service to your very best!



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