Carlene Marie

Certified Master Mindpower Coach


As a Master Mindpower Coach, Carlene will take you from where you are currently performing to a level of high performance yet experienced. Once in this alignment, ease and flow, you’ll experience mental clarity, strength and resilience like never before. 


Mindpower & Wellbeing Writer for Real Producers Naples, the publication for the Top 500 Realtors. Carlene’s monthly publications educate and inspire her readership with tools for optimal mindset, wellbeing and success in all areas of life.


Propelling Life Forward

A story of Two Powerful Forces uniting together as One to make a positive impact on the world!

Hi, I’m Carlene

As a certified Master Mindpower Coach and Certified Health/Wellness & Life Coach, I help overwhelmed, stressed, stuck, and unfulfilled high performers increase their mental toughness and emotional resilience to elevate life in every way! 

Utilizing my proven Mindpower Coaching Program, I help you attain your goals, faster, and with less energy to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Together we’ll systematically yet uniquely propel your triumph and personal growth step-by-step to achieve more than you’ve ever imagined! Mindpower has done this for me and for thousands. No doubt it is 100% possible for YOU! 

Buckle up! Let’s ride and fly! 


What is Mindpower?

Mindpower is mastered by every successful leader in the world. They can conquer any obstacle and weather any storm.

Mindpower is where mental toughness and emotional resilience converge.

Mental Toughness

Mental Toughness is having an unwavering strength of mind and the ability to develop ongoing self-awareness to move through the ups and downs of life with grace.

Emotional Resilience

Emotional Resilience is the ability to no longer be a prisoner of your negative emotions. It’s not to say you won’t have negative emotions, yet your able to move forward and take ongoing action with confidence that you will overcome whatever obstacle is in your way.

Unsure Where, When, or How to Begin?

Simply check out all the programs I offer or schedule your complimentary discovery call today!

Meet Carlene’s Clients

“My weight has always been a sore subject for me as long as I can remember. I needed a person to help me accept myself to begin my health journey. Carlene truly has been that person for me. She has been encouraging and open during my whole lifestyle change. She understands not every day is a good day, but provided the approach and tools I needed to make impactful health and habit changes, stay on tract and hold myself accountable to reach my goals! Not only is my physical health improving every day, but my mental health is as well. I’ve never felt more confident and beautiful since working with Carlene!”


Laura Sullivan

Portland, Maine

“As a physician I have the scientific knowledge of what constitutes “healthy nutrition” and “healthy lifestyle”. I am also aware of the future complications of unhealthy habits, such as lack of exercise and poor sleep. However, habit change goes beyond knowledge. It requires a deeper understanding of why we choose those unhealthy habits and how to change them. Carlene has been wonderful in my weight loss journey. She helped me uncover the real reasons behind my eating habits, my big motivating factor for making habit changes and held me accountable in the whole process. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a compassionate and professional health coach!”

Jenny Go, MD

Washington, DC

“Working with Carlene and has turned my life around. I had no idea when I started that I would be where I am today. She has taught me how to have food freedom, how to honor my hunger and fullness and so much more. I wake up energized and ready for whatever comes my way. I don’t have to feed my feelings anymore. I have lost 12 pounds, I feel stronger and empowered. Her guidance, wisdom and coaching has allowed me to feel better than I ever have about my body, my health and my life. I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to work with Carlene.”


Minneapolis, Minnesota

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